The Delivery

Introduction - KingPhin - The Delivery

This story documents a journey; a symbolic delivery which represents a sharing from one culture to another. We follow The Deliverer on his visual and sonic journey through the soul of Thailand.

Getting Ready - The Hotel - Sukhumvit Soi 22

The Deliverer enjoys a moment of solitude and a bowl of noodles before his fated mission. Guided by the moon, his voyage begins on the brooding streets of Bangkok.

The Crossing - The Silaruek Park-Phra Pradaeng Ferry

The Deliverer leaves the city streets to meet the fast-flowing currents of the Chao Phraya River where he cautiously boards a ferry. Under the watchful eye of an iconic bridge, he leaves the city behind.

The Arrival - Dockside - Bang Tabun - Wat Pak Ao

Upon arrival at the dock, The Deliverer heads purposefully towards the jungle’s edge. Encouraged by the sun he gathers pace on his journey. He pauses to contemplate the magnitude of the task in front of him.

The Search - The Path - The Mountain

Under the suffocating sun, The Deliverer strides into the dense jungle. He meets solitude and is spurred on by the calling of The Delivery. The mountain top beckons and an endless stairway provides yet another test of his commitment to the mission.

Night Falls - The Meeting Place

The Deliverer arrives at an expansive rice field – a seemingly endless maze. As the sun descends upon the wet crops the vast emptiness of the field becomes troubling to the Deliverer. The journey has been tiresome and doubts are slowly creeping in. Is he doing the right thing? Is he on the right path? Is his commitment equal to the task?

Rest -The Hotel

In total darkness, The Deliverer seeks refuge at a nearby hotel. He enters a spell of deep contemplation as thoughts cascade through his restless mind. As he organizes his gear and counts the income, he wonders at what cost?

Rest -The Villa

Plagued by the weight of the mission, The Deliverer feels a presence around him. Is he being watched? The pristine wooden box sits proudly in his room, awaiting delivery. Exhausted by the journey, The Deliverer sinks helplessly into a deep sleep.

Rest -The Beach

For the first time in days, The Deliverer is surrounded by people at the beach. He is energized by the ocean and feels waves of optimism as he marches through the sand in pursuit of his destiny. He knows where he needs to go and what he needs to do.

The Awakening - Rice Field

The Deliverer enters a gigantic rice field. He is consumed by a sense of purpose and feels his fate approaching. The paddy ground is soft and the rice is ready for harvest. Who is that in the distance? The Stranger appears, then KingPhin 3, but where is KingPhin 1?

The Delivery - The Dream Begins

Following the arduous journey, The Deliverer finally meets his man – KingPhin 1. The symbolic handover takes place. Both men feel the resonance of the moment. The exchange unfolds, from east to west, in a dream-like sequence.

KingPhin 1 - The Opus

The three fated characters from the rice field - KingPhin 1, KingPhin 2 and The Stranger – collide to perform the first recorded version of ‘The Opus’. King Phin 1 feels the raw power of the tool he now possesses.

The Launch - Over the Horizon

The Future lies ahead. An epic sensory overload reveals the astounding musical potential of the KingPhin. The beauty of the cultural phenomenon will resonate through the ages.

KingPhin - End Credits

The legend of the Thai instrument lives on through KingPhin and will continue to weave its magic around the world.
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