KingPhin works with the Foreign Industry Organization, a state owned entity in Thailand responsible for, among other duties, the sustainable and economic growth and sale of woods. For KingPhin this means properly and lawfully sourcing our teak and other brands of wood. This also makes sure we can meet the customs particulars in getting you your phin guitar in a safe and secure fashion. We recently took a tour of the FIO Ayuthaya site (about 90 minutes outside Bangkok) and meet with the leaders of the office.
We spent a half-day in their offices. During this time, we had a tutorial on the identification and ranking of teak wood. It’s a simple but honest A, B, C ranking system that is readily understood in the country and beyond.
We also made sure we understood the most recent versions of the required documentation in a concluding domestic and international sales of our KingPhin wood products. All of the KingPhin wood work carries a “Bai Berk Tang” certificate of wood, identifying our wood a lawful and meeting the standards of the FIO. In addition, KingPhin is proud to note it carries a Chain of Custody (“COC”) report for all of its sourced wood. This Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”) endorsed form allows for a completed COC form to insure sourced wood remains secure and lawful through the entire supply chain.
For more details visit this URL of  FSC™ COC | SGS Thailand]

Our mission at KingPhin is provide the world’s best phin guitar.  In order to do that we innovate and learn and incorporate those learnings into our products.

It starts with the wood!