KingPhin was originally created and designed by Andrew Davis and Roman Anton in Bangkok, back in 2017.  Many of you reached out to us when KingPhin was housed on the Weebly website.  We had great input and feedback from customers and visitors.  So much so, that in 2017, the idea to create a new, great version of the Thai classic, the phin guitar was fully put into motion.  Andrew and Roman set about developing several prototypes while in search of the that delicate combination of great sound along with great design.  The duo went back and forth as they explored wood, frets and fret boards, bodies, design, comfort and playability.
Please notice the heart shaped and tear shaped designed. The cuts of woods. The placement of the head stock. All of these considerations impacted sounds and beauty. As the duo refined the designs, they also decided that there would be one acoustic model and one acoustic model. They decided on the Soi Electric and the Soi Acoustic. Here is a photo of the first two final products in the Series 1. In fact, these are KingPhin 1/50 in the Soi Electric and KingPhin 1/50 in the Soi Acoustic, meaning, the first ones in the series of the first 50 made. Both belong to Roman Anton. Andrew Davis as 2/50 for both lines.
But we didn’t stop there. We created a wooden case that you can use for either guitar. It’s a handmade case with faux fur lining inside and a great storage area for the headstock.
We kept on going. We have t-shirts and artwork done, all in the name of feel of the KingPhin style and quality. The shirts are simple, black, white and gray, long sleeve and short sleeve, bearing the classic naga head design. The posters are authentic representations of the Thai classic with traditional themes and designs.
Our most recent conquest was in making the Musical Movie, KingPhin – The Delivery. This movie was created with 14 Roman Anton original songs, one for each scene in the movie. The protagonist in the movie, the Deliverer, can be followed from the heart of Bangkok to the jungles, mountains and waters of Thailand on a quest to deliver a package. You can watch that movie on YouTube or you can buy it and the soundtrack as a standalone purchase off of the KingPhin website.
Roman Anton and the band play the songs from The Delivery at their live shows. Those songs are also available on the website. We expect the 2023 and 2024 to see more releases. The team at KingPhin and Roman Anton are starting to develop the soundtrack, script and movie for their second feature film called KingPhin – Unstoppable.

We hope you continue to follow us and we look forward to hearing from you.