Frankiens Ville “Frank” Jangad is a core part of the Roman Anton / KingPhin Team and is responsible for several tracks on “KingPhin - The Delivery” including tracks 7 and 8, “Rest - The Hotel” and “Rest - The Villa. In the attached video on this Artist’s page, Frank captured himself working on several different songs, including the early version of his soundtrack songs. To hear more about Frank please see Roman Anton Podcast #4 and hear his original music played live.


Adam Jang, also known as Yeti and with social media at Yeti Valhalla, is a KingPhin Artist and sponsored by KingPhin.  Yeti appeared in the Roman Anton Podcast #15 and played acoustic guitar in that recording. Yeti also forwarded some shots of his KingPhin #14 and some short footage of his vintage speed playing and picking. 

Yeti has had a grueling and successful two-year run (2022-24) touring California, where he opened for the LA Guns at the Whiskey, headlining a slot at Burapa Bike Week in Pattaya, Thailand, touring the Vietnam coastline, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, then heading off to several tours of Japan with sold out shows in Kawasaki, Nagoya, Osaka and Tokyo. His most recent song drop recently cracked the charts in Germany, withParty Tonight In ValhallaandMountain Manleading the way.